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There is another way to live this life, one that has been lived for thousands of years yet may seem lost and forgotten.

One that is founded on simplicity and being content.

One that doesn't chase after wealth, but takes pleasure in the simple truth that you are a creature created for a purpose.

A life that doesn't invest in fleeting numbers, but in relationships - to your creator, your neighbors, and strangers from far lands.


Into Far Lands has a broad theme intertwined throughout - exploring unknown lands while experiencing a simple life built through relationships.

Hospitality when a nomad shares tea and welcomes you in his simple yurt. Perseverance when trekking days on end up and down Himalayan peaks to reach your goal. Peace when wandering endless grasslands with only wild horses and soaring golden eagles as companions. Love when being welcomed in a home and prepared a banquet as a distinguished guest, even though a complete stranger.

The life that may seem as backwards and unremarkable can possibly be the one that brings most joy and contentedness. A life of simplicity, investing in relationships, and being content is not so far as one may think. And all it may entail is stepping out your door to go on an adventure.

"It's a dangerous business going out your door. You step onto the road, and if you don't keep your feet, there's no knowing where you might be swept off to."     JRR TOLKIEN

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The Wanderers Behind Into Far Lands

Our journey of wandering began in 2016 at the intersection of east and west - when myself, an American, and my wife, a Chinese, became one. Our travels have brought us to more than 120 regions of the world since, where we shared food with locals, listened to their stories, and wandered their lands. In 2020 a new explorer joined us - Zion. In 2022, we joyfully welcomed a new wanderer, bringing our team to four. Join us as we explore the vastness of this world, its beauty in creation and the joy of human life as we share stories, photos and experiences from a far land.



Leader, explorer, Geologist, father, husband,

photographer, creative.


Supporter, mother, wife, photographer,

creative, the better half.


Rock-climber, explorer, wanderer, son,

collector, charmer.

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