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from Faraway Lands

Step Into Far Lands for Stories from Around the World.

• A nomad's kindness along the edge of Kazakhstan and China

•  Bunking with monks in Tibet, the land of snows

•  A priest's welcome in Armenia as we partook in a banquet

•  A new beginning for a Syrian Refugee in Kurdish Turkey

Newest Stories

Newest Stories

Stories from the Silk Roads

Silk Road Stories
The Land of Nomads



The story of our improbable journey through the northern realms of Xinjiang graced by the Tianshan (Heavenly) and Altai (Golden) Mountains - a place of itinerants with their golden eagles, rolling green meadows set against snowy peaks, and landscapes of the bluest alpine lakes and granite towers dotted with cozy yurts. Kazakhs, Mongols and Altais have shared these lands for thousands of years. Our ambition as simple passerby’s is to just glimpse their way of life. A question lingers: do they still hold to those legendary traditions, or are they now merely a remnant of the past?


East of Eden



A roadtrip through the eastern lands of Turkey, and once the historic center of ancient Armenia. Our first experience in Turkey where we passed through both fertile, barren and jeweled lands, tracing history back to the start of mankind. From Eden to Abraham, Alexander the Great to the Apostle Paul, the Romans to the Ottomans and Mount Ararat to the Mediterranean, a journey through Anatolia is a journey through history. And a journey we are just about to begin...

90 Days in Nepa



Nepal. Captivating, intriguing, authentic; home to the highest peaks and most exquisite valleys; a land of snows on the roof of the world; home to the legendary Sherpas of Everest and the Tharus of the jungles - all crammed into a small nation half the size of California. And it is a nation I have set my mind to visit since young.


Our experience here however was... unexpected.  All we knew is that we will be here for 90 days. This lack of planning is wholly intentional, and as we know not one person in Nepal, the door is wide open for anything to happen – and I mean anything.


Peru Stories


A region as famous and as mysterious as anywhere on Earth. Everyone knows Machu Picchu, the incredible Incan citadel that sits atop a precarious ridge - and rightly so as it needs to be seen to be believed. But the Andes Mountains are at its finest when left undiscovered.


12 Alpaca (5900x4000).jpg
Tibet Stories


On the eastern edge of the Tibetan Plateau lies the lands known as Kham and Amdo Tibet, defined by its natural beauty and hospitable locals. Some of the most spectacular natural scenery is found here, including Yading, the last Shangrila, Minya Konka, one of Tibet's most holy mountains, and Gongga Shan, the highest mountain outside the Himalaya and Karakoram Mountain ranges. Kham Tibet is also deeply rooted in traditions and Tibetan culture; monasteries abound and adventures are around every turn.  Travelling through Kham is one of the most unforgettable experiences and wild experiences.

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