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Cinci Han Caravanserai

Safranbolu, Turkey

Cultural Treasure

Merchants along the trade routes such as the Silk Road were in need of rest just as much, or more so, as modern travelers. Dotted throughout the ancient routes are an innumerable number of caravansaries - Silk Road inns - most in disrepair, yet others in stunning restorations. One such inn lies in the heart of Safranbolu, one of the best preserved Ottoman towns , near the Black Sea coast in Turkey. Over 60 rooms welcome guests to this town, both in the 17th century and today. As with most caravansaries in the region, a large central courtyard represents a gathering place to share stories and ideas, a component just a crucial as selling goods.

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Northeast Turkey near the Black Sea coast.


First constructed in 1640 at the height of the caravan trade route through Turkey.


A resting Place for the weary merchants trading in the region.


The Cinci Han was recently and carefully restored, and is back welcoming travelers.

Our Visit

We stumbled upon the grand Silk Road hotel when exploring the city center of Safranbolu. Only a couple folks were present, heeding no attention to us as we explored the upper levels and roof. The roof afforded amazing views of Safranbolu, a town really built into the meandering environment and cliff faces. The central courtyard brought us back to life along the ancient route, where merchants surely sat and discussed the latest stories from around the world.


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