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Green Tomb of Bursa

Bursa, Turkey

Cultural Treasure

As the first major capital of the Ottoman Empire in the 14th century, it comes as no surprise the legacy left behind by the rulers of the empire. One of the most stunning architectural ensembles in the city is the Mehmet Celebi Complex, highlighted by the Green Tomb. Housing the remains and a memorial to the fifth Ottoman sultan, Mehmed I, his son carefully built the tomb with green-blue tiling in a hexagonal pattern. Inside, a mosaic of tiling all around greets the wandering eyes, but it’s the centerpiece of the sultans tomb surround by seven other smaller tombs of his family that steals all the attention. The tomb is a simple, yet stunning addition to Bursa, a city filled with Ottoman treasures.

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In the Yesil neighborhood of Bursa, south of the Sea of Marmara in Turkey.


Completed in 1421, following the death of Mehmed I.


A resting place for the fifth Ottoman sultan and his family. 


Part of larger architectural complex, open free of charge for visitors near and far.

Our Visit

We made our way to this complex by foot from other prominent Ottoman tombs scattered throughout Bursa. The Green Tomb caught our attention with its bright blue facade shining in the light (contrary to its name, even though it does have that ‘greenish’ tint. We found a visit here to be pleasant, along with all the sights in Bursa. Despite one of the larger cities in Turkey, it almost feels as a sleeper town, especially when coming over from busy Istanbul. If ever back in Bursa, we would definitely find ourselves back on the hill of this complex.


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