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Harran Beehive Houses

Southern Turkey

Cultural Treasure

The ancient city of Harran in southeastern Turkey is home to a unique architectural tradition that dates back to thousands of years - the famed beehive houses. These structures are cone-shaped adobe brick homes clustered together, designed to endure the harsh heat the region is known for. The simple yet efficient design of Harran's bee hive homes, with small windows and thick adobe brick walls provide insulation, provide shelter in the arid climate with hot summers and cold winters. When we visited the houses while traveling through the Kurdish region of Turkey, we were amazed how cool and comfortable the homes were. 

Even though more modern buildings have replaced many of the beehive houses, Harran has preserved this ancient architectural tradition and feel. Clusters of the curved adobe homes still exist, looking today much as they would have when the Silk Road flourished through the region centuries ago. Remarkably, these house can be traced back over 3,000 years to the early Bronze Age., perhaps even to the time when Abraham sojourned here for a period.


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Harran Beehive Houses

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Cultural Treasure


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