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Kashgar Grand Bazaar

Kashgar, Xinjiang, China

Cultural Treasure

With thousands of stalls and up to a couple hundred thousands of shoppers every week, the Kashgar Grand Bazaar is one of the largest in all of Asia. Kashgar was, and still is, at a crossroads of cultures and nations, and a place for trading and selling. With goods ranging from jade, carpets, silk, fruits, and nuts, it still exhibits the Uyghurs colorful culture every day. Envision a merchant after crossing the Pamir Mountains or the Taklamakan Desert and finding rest and fortune in Kashgar. It is one of those few living treasures left on earth where a similar experience can be felt.

On Sundays it is particularly busy, a time where locals put on their best clothes and wander the endless stalls to find a hidden gem. Most of the bazaar lies inside a large warehouse, but there are some side streets equally interesting selling numerous fruits, nuts, and snacks. On the outskirts of Kashgar lies a different commotion, one of sheep, lambs, traders, shepherds, butchers, and, occasionally, tourists. This weekly spectacle and quirky assembly occurs only on Sundays, where Shepherds and butchers come from near and far to sell, trade, buy, or just observe the livestock on offer.


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Kashgar, largest town of southern Xinjiang and historic crossroads of the Silk Roads.


A living and breathing bazaar, from a thousand years ago to today.


A place to buy and sell goods,, exchange livestock, meet friends, or a chance to display your Sunday best.


The bazaar is still bustling every single day in the heart of Kashgar, but it is especially busy on Sundays, where a livestock market also takes place outside of town.


Kashgar Grand Bazaar

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Cultural Treasure


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