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Sevanavank Monastery

Lake Sevan, Armenia

Cultural Treasure

Standing majestically on a narrow peninsula in Lake Sevan, a series of ancient monasteries dot the green landscape. The first was thought to be established in 305 AD by Gregory, the father of the Armenian church, while the other structures were established in the 9th century. Only the foundations of the early church remains, though the later churches still stand proudly over the endless blue expanse of Lake Sevan. During the Soviet period of Armenia, Lake Sevan was drained excessively and thus significantly lowering the water levels of the lake. The complex of Sevanavank, for what was once on an island for centuries, suddenly become connected to the mainland via the newly forms peninsula.

Few monasteries in Armenia can compete with the setting. Add the fact Sevanavank can be reached at an hours drive from Yerevan, it can become quite crowded. Nonetheless, with the right timing either at dawn or dusk, the site may only need to be shared with a few others. That I assure will leave a lasting effect for years to come, as this location truly exhibits a harmonious blend of natural beautiful and austere craftsmanship.


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Sevanavank Monastery

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Cultural Treasure


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