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Silk Road Map on a Silk Scroll

Silk Road Map on a Silk Scroll


After eight years exploring the Silk Roads encompassing over 30,000 miles, in addition to months worth of historical research, I captured my journeys into a singular, hand-drawn map.


Bound by two sturdy bamboo poles, coated in a shimmering lacquer, and unfolding to 40 inches across in soft, pearl-white silk, it is an experience and work of art alone. The map, printed finely on the surface, measures 25.75 inches long by 14.25 inches high. Whether kept scrolled up on a table, offering intrigue to those passing by, or displayed in its full length on a wall, this beautiful map will wind back time every time you display it and conversation piece that will draw people in to the ancient routes.

This hand-drawn map printed on silk offers to chance to touch, feel, and be transported along the ancient routes. It may also awaken a strong urge to step out your door and embark on an adventure.

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