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Bakong Temple

Angkor, Cambodia

Pyramid of Roluos

Bakong is an ancient temple mountain situated in the Roluos group of monuments near Angkor in present-day Cambodia. Roluos, located 15 km southeast of the more well know temples, was the ancient capital of the Khmers. Built in the late 9th century during the reign of King Indravarman I, it marked an essential transition from the brick monuments of the Khmer Empire to the celebrated sandstone style, and is also considered the first example of the temple mountain concept, which later culminated in the grand construction of Angkor Wat. Today, Bakong stands as a remarkable testament to the evolution of the temples in Angkor, later giving inspiration to the temples such as Angkor Wat and Bayon.

Exploring Bakong is quite the  experience as well, where the steps leading to a central platform gives way to an incredible view of the surrounding complex and forests. Visitors can still climb the pyramid-like structure and admire the carved lintels adorning the entrances. The outer enclosure walls feature intricate bas-reliefs, adding to the temple's visual splendor. We spent the evening at its top, watching the sun set over the landscape. It was a special moment, and cemented Bakong as one of the finest temples in all of Cambodia.


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Bakong is located in the Roluos group of temples, about 15 km east of the main Angkor Archaeological Park in Siem Reap, Cambodia.


Bakong was built in the late 9th century AD (around 881 AD) during the reign of King Indravarman I of the Khmer Empire.


Bakong was constructed as the first example of a "temple mountain" dedicated to the Hindu god Shiva. It marked a transition from brick to sandstone construction in the Khmer style.


Bakong is one of the most prominent and well-preserved monuments in the Roluos group, even though much less vistited than the main ground of monuments north of Siem Reap.


Bakong Temple

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Pyramid of Roluos


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