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İncekaya Aqueduct

Safranbolu, Turkey

Cultural Treasure

On the outskirts of the Ottoman town of Safranbolu and through a narrow canyon with a meandering stream, there lies the Incekaya Aqueduct, an architectural masterpiece spanning the canyon walls. With its maximum height of 200 feet and running nearly 400 feet in left, the aqueduct was commisioned by grand vizier of the Ottoman Empire, Izzet Mehmet Pasha. Born in Safranbolu, the grand vizier had a grand vision to supply water to his hometown, restoring an old Byzantine-era aqueduct and transforming it to Incekaya, which can still be appreciated today.

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Seven miles from Safranbolu, a town in northeastern Turkey.


Reconstructed from 1794 to 1798.


Provide water to the town of Safranbolu and irrigate the farmlands.


Not in use and visited by curious folk or those walking through the Topakli Canyon.

Our Visit

From the city center of Safranbolu, we headed west past the outskirts of town into the Tokatli Canyon. The canyon is a beautiful respite from the town, with not a soul in sight. The canyon meanders around a stream we followed to a horse stable run by a local man. He collected a modest fee to pass by and use the wooden boardwalks to views of the aqueduct. At the conclusion of the boardwalks, we climbed up some steps for an incredible view of the aqueduct and the canyon surroundings.


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