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Toprak Kala Fortress

Khorezm, Uzbekistan

Silk Road Settlement

In the arid outer reaches of modern day Uzbekistan lies a landscape dotted with dozens of ancient fortresses, constructed from 2,000 years ago up to destruction by the Mongols in the 13th century. Known as the "fifty fortresses oasis," they were once part of the Khwarazm region - collection of civilizations that thrived here, likely more abundant than it appears now. One of the more magnificent remains is that of Toprak Kala, once a royal palace and for a time capital of the Khwarazm Empire.

Wandering the palace halls today, is a unique experience, especially when scanning the horizons. Nothing seems to appear for miles around, yet people once thrived here on this Silk Road crossroads. A modest entrance fee of around $2 converted currency is collected, where one can explore every nook and cranny that this fortress offers. My 3-year old son had particular interest in doing just that, and what a joy it was to watch him in full amazement of his surroundings. Though long abandoned, every visitor adds one more later to its story.


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The fortress is located in the Karakalpakstan Region of Uzbekistan, north of Urgench and in the vicinity of several other ancient fortresses.


Kyzyl Kala was constructed and used between the 1st and 5th centuries, and comprised one of the "fifty fortresses oasis" in this region.


Toprak Kala was an ancient palace and capitol of the Khwarazm region.


Today the fortresses is one of the more popular ancient sites to visit in the Khwarazm region, and can be explored for an entrance fee of $2-3, as of 2024.


Toprak Kala Fortress

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Silk Road Settlement


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