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Khertvisi Fortress

Southern Georgia

Cultural Treasure

Tucked away on a rocky outcrop at the confluence of two rivers, the Mtkvari and the Paravani, lies one of Georgia’s oldest fortresses. Although first mentioned in the 10 th century A.D., its origins are traced possibly back to the 2 nd century B.C. In may even be older if some legends are held to be true, particularly that of Alexander the Great. Locals tell that Alexander the Great destroyed the fortress while expanding his empire, later being rebuilt and reused.

Throughout the Middle Ages, numerous Georgian Kingdoms used the strategic location of the fort, establishing the area as a city and important cultural center. The Mongols, however, gave the fortress a similar fate as countless other monuments around the world – destruction and abandonment. The years followed saw it return to a stronghold, but Khertvisi continually met similar fates as its long history tells. It may be hard to make out the details wandering the citadel today, but the atmosphere exudes an aura of a long and deadly history. No entrance fee is collected, as just a handful of visitors make it out to the area.


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In the south region of Georgia, near the town of Aspindza. Most people reach the site from Akhaltsikhe, the largest nearby town.


One of the oldest fortifications in Georgia, constructed in at least the 2nd century B.C. It was used for nearly two thousand years on and off.


A fortress to protect the region. It had an advantageous location at the confluence of two rivers and the site of many battles.


TKhertvisi lies in an abandoned state at the moment with no restoration work. Those who make it out do so with a visit to the Vardzia Caves. No entrance fee is collected.


Khertvisi Fortress

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Cultural Treasure


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