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Panjshanbe Bazaar

Khujand, Turkey

Cultural Treasure

Located in the southern end of town off the modern day Ismoili Somoni Avenue lies the heartbeat of Khujand - the Panjshanbe Bazaar. Simply meaning Thursday in Tajik, the market, housed in a large dome structure that extends far beyond the confines of the building, is busy every day of the week. The scene picks up as one walks in the direction, eventually becoming a grand event and gathering place of Tajiks. A central square, highlighted by a 900 year old Mulberry Tree, an opulent mosque and a fountain intersect with goods and produce of all types and attractions for the younger one. Walking inside, the scene livens to a busting bazaar, with sights, smells and sounds bringing one back to the days of the Silk Roads.

In fact, this bazaar, one of the largest in Central Asia, has stood for centuries along the crossroads of Asia in the heart of the Fergana Valley. The past and present mingle at this bazaar, an authentic window into the lives of the Tajiks who live here and the community that a bazaar brings.


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The bazaar is located in the city of Khujand, the second largest city in Tajikistan in the north of the nation.


The bazaar has stood here for a millennia, although the current building was constructed in 1964 by the Soviets.


A place to sell goods and produce from the Fergana Valley, both in the past and present.


Today the Panjshanbe bazaar is one of the largest and most authentic in all of Central Asia.


Panjshanbe Bazaar

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Cultural Treasure


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