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Rabati Castle

Akhaltsikhe, Georgia

Cultural Treasure

The Rabati Castle is found in the center of Akhaltsikhe and overlooks nearly every corner of the town for centuries. Founded in the 9th century when it was originally known as Lomsia (“lion”), the fortress exhibits a unique blend of Christian and Islamic architecture. Tamerlane and his army swept through Akhaltsikhe in the 14th century, though the fortress did not meet its end. The fortress was also at the forefront of attacks by Persian forces and an 18th century Russo-Turkish war.

Around 2010, the Rabati Castle was extensively reconstructed to its former glory. Although no longer appearing weathered and ancient, walking through the rooms and walls of the castle today, little imagination is required to get a feel for Georgian medieval architecture. This castle, together with the nearby fortress of Khertvisi and the Vardzia Caves, makes for one of Georgia’s best areas to dive into its medieval history.


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The castle is found in the center of Akhaltsikhe, a small town in the Samtskhe-Javakheti region of southern Georgia.


The castle was founded in the 9th century and used for various purposes ever since to this day.


As a fortification to protect Akhaltsikhe, formerly known as Lomsia. It was the site of several battles, including one in the 18th century.


After the recent and extensive restorations in 2010, the Rabati Castle is the shiny centerpiece of Akhaltsikhe. A visit is an educational experience as it reconstructs numerous aspects from the medieval period. No entrance fee is collected.


Rabati Castle

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Cultural Treasure


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