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Best Experiences in Tajikistan


Trekking in the Fann Mountains


The soaring snow-capped peaks of the Fann Mountains that run through the center of the nation offer some of the best trekking in Central Asia. Follow ancient shepherd trails past mountain lakes with views of soaring peaks, none taller than Mount Chimtarga. Camping under the stars and waking to these majestic vistas remains the best way to experience it.

We reached the jeweled Kulikalon Lakes by hiring a donkey to carry our toddler up the high passes. It was a journey incomparable during our exploration of Central Asia - a humble display of Earth's inspiring and rugged beauty. 

➨  Step into the Fann Mountains here


Retracing the Silk Road

In places like Sarazm and Penjikent, step back in time among the ruins of ancient caravan cities and civilizations along the Silk Road. Wander historic bazaars,  remnants of fire temples, and mudbrick fortresses for an immersion into Tajikistan's role in the global trade routes of antiquity. Tajikistan was also the home of the Sogdians, a storied civilization that grew to great heights during the early centuries, acting as the middle-men for the Silk Roads. If one looks closely, the remains of this mighty people still echoe in the hills, whether from art, ruins of cities, to the people who live here.

➨  Tajikistan and the Silk Road

Haggling in Khujand’s Bazaar


Khujand's bustling bazaars - particularly the Panjshanbe bazaar - are the place to hone your haggling skills and mingle with locals. Shop for vibrant traditional textiles, sample exotic produce from across Asia, and sip tea with friendly vendors for a lively taste of Tajik culture. In fact, this bazaar, one of the largest in Central Asia, has stood for centuries along the crossroads of Asia in the heart of the Fergana Valley. The past and present mingle at this bazaar, an authentic window into the lives of the Tajiks who live here and the community that a bazaar brings.

The only question? What goods will you come home with? More photos of the bazaar can be seen below.

 The Panjshanbe Bazaar


Exploring Haft Kul, the Seven Lakes

In the western reaches of the Fann Mountains lies a string of lakes that seem to defy all expectations of the color of water. Reached by a 4x4 track - though the locals will gladly take you in their sedan - each of these lakes are beset by sheer rocks and cool streams. As the height increases towards the final lake, so does the scene, as nomadic  shepherds bring their flocks to graze the highland grasses in summer and village children play on the shores.

The Seven Lakes of Haft Kul make an easy day trip from Penjikent to those who dont want to trek into the wilderness. But even for the seasoned trekkers, it also brings immense joy. Sitting by the peaceful lakes, it was easy to understand why these mountains have long captured the Tajik spirit.

Taking the High Road in the Pamirs


Bouncing along one of the world's great road trips, the views of the Pamir Mountains in Tajikistan's southeast are some of the most otherworldly - from red desert valleys to rocky moonscapes to glacial passes. Even more wondrous? Glimpsing the unique way of life of the Pamir Tajiks who live here, and perhaps even being invited inside one of their tents for a warm cup of milk tea and naan. The Pamir Mountains, though they pose some of the greatest challenges, is an epic overland journey that one will never forget. Read the story below of one beautiful interaction with the nomads who live here.

 Heart of the Grasslands, Soul of the Pamirs

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